Speed Trims Los Angeles

Speed Trims is a recognized company that in deals all types of garment trims and accessories. We are a custom supplier of latest fashion trims including all type of Laces, Ribbons, Zippers, Buttons , Embroidery, Narrow Fabrics, etc. Our business has spread since our inception and clients have multiplied through the course of time. We believe in supplying good quality product to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Quality Trims

One aspect that we can never compromise on is 'quality'. This is one of the reasons that has placed us amongst reputed fashion accessories . We ensure complete customer satisfaction as can be ascertained form the positive feedback we receive on a constant basis from customers.
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Cut Sew and Trim

As a small, independent factory, we work for you. Lower your overhead costs. Participate in the manufacturing process.

We can accommodate your needs! If you are a supplier, and need a manufacturer to produce finished items from part or all of your own products, you need a company that will cut and sew for you, or cut, make, and trim a garment. This partial process provides you with greater control over your own designs, colors, fabrics, and various accents.
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